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March Fan of the Month Contest

Posted by Mia Pamisa on

How to Enter and Get Votes

  1. Upload a ColorIt coloring page colored by you. You can upload a photo by visiting, tagging a photo on Twitter with #CIFANMAR17, tagging a photo on Instagram with #CIFANMAR17, or posting your submission on Facebook in the comments section of our fan of the month post.
  2. As an added bonus, if the winning submissions include ColorIt gel pens, pencils, or markers, the prize amount is doubled.
  3. At the end of the month, the ColorIt staff will pick three winners based on the set criteria detailed below.
    1. 25% Creativity and originality
    2. 25% Artistic composition (colors/tones, use of different coloring techniques)
    3. 25% Professional quality (neatness)
    4. 25% Overall impression (effect of the artwork as a whole)
  4. Three other winners will be picked at random to give chance to others who didn’t meet the criteria.

      Fan of the Month and Runner-Up Prizes

      1. All six winners will receive a $25 gift card from ColorIt.
      2. The three staff picks will be interviewed for our blog.


      1. Contest starts on the first day of the month and will end on the last day of the month. Winners will be announced at the beginning of the new month (April)
      2. You must be at least 18 years or older to enter
      3. You may only upload one photo
      4. To be eligible for the contest you must upload a ColorIt coloring page. Non-ColorIt drawings will not be considered
      5. ColorIt may choose to remove a photo from the competition at any time at its own discretion
      6. Prizes will be issued in the form of ColorIt gift cards that are good for one year from the date of issue
      7. You may only win a prize from any ColorIt contest once per year
      8. All decisions by ColorIt are final

      If you need help and / or have questions, please contact

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      • I used ColorIt gel pens in my picture..

        Deb Brown on
      • I just wanted to add that I used your Colorit GelPens in my entry. I love the fact that they feel like you are painting when using them.

        Cheryl Haraburda on
      • I entered a page from your Mandalas coloring book that was colored with your amazing gel pens! I am truly addicted to both of them! Fingers crossed and thanks for the chance to be a winner!

        Barb macaskill on
      • I colored a page from Mythical & Fantasy adult coloring book using Colorit markers, gel pens and pencils. In the upper right corner of the page is an authentic Indian arrow head that I found when I was a child with my father. We would walk the fields together searching for Indian artifacts. This is the only item I have as a remembrance of him other than a few photos since he passed away in 1974. Coloring this picture meant so much to me, bringing back happy memories of many years ago. Thank you for that opportunity.

        Carol Werner Harris on
      • do outsiders vote on these cause alot of people are telling me they cant figure out how to vote. Can you tell me how to help them?

        Kristina Grigoli on

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