Celebrate Mother Nature and the breathtaking beauty of her creations. Let your creativity flourish as you bring 50 enchanting designs to life with vibrant colors.

The second installment of our  Colorful Patterns adult coloring book series lets you explore the intricate and mesmerizing patterns that grace every corner of our natural world. With its delicate floral motifs and playful animal designs, this delightful book is a perfect way to unwind, relax, and connect with your core.

Illustrated by Terbit Basuki, this coloring book for adults lets you find inspiration from a vibrant tapestry weaved by the unique charm of flourishing greens, fluttering wings, and fascinating beings.

Follow a path of patterned bliss through intricate insect wings, soothing ocean waves, enchanting flower gardens, and the magic of all living things in Colorit Colorful Patterns, Volume II Coloring Book for Adults.

Unwind and Harmonize with Nature

  • Dance with Patterns. In ColorIt Colorful Patterns, Volume II Adult Coloring Book, intricate patterns, creatures, and creations intertwine. Color nature’s symmetries and forms with your creativity.
  • Frolick with Flora and Fauna. Revel in the joyous abundance of nature's playground with 50 illustrations by Terbit Basuki. Play with the colors of mischievous critters and dance amidst vibrant blooms.

  • Escape from Stress. Bid farewell to frustrating ink bleeds. Relax and color with our artist-quality paper and ink blotter. Free your creativity with coloring markers, glitter gel pens, colored pencils, and more.
  • Seek Your Center. With a convenient top spiral binding for effortless coloring with both hands and hardback covers for a steady coloring surface, you can bask in the patterns of nature wherever you go.
  • Share the Serenity. Printed single-sided, our Patterns adult coloring book has perforated edges for easy removal from the binding. Frame your artwork. Share them with loved ones and spread the joy!

Unleash your imagination and sprinkle in a touch of your artistry to the wonders of nature. Gather your favorite coloring tools, get comfy, and indulge in the beauty and tranquility found in the pages of this captivating coloring book.

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Colorful Patterns Volume II coloring book for adults comes with ColorIt’s signature features such as:

ColorIt Colorful Patterns, Volume II Adult Coloring Book Hardback Covers
ColorIt Colorful Patterns, Volume II Adult Coloring Book Perforated Pages
ColorIt Colorful Patterns, Volume II Adult Coloring Book High Quality Paper


ColorIt’s hardback book cover is designed to make our adult coloring books lay flat and keep the pages protected. Indulge in soothing harmony anywhere you go without needing a table to color on.


Your loved ones deserve a break, too! Our adult coloring book has convenient perforations on top, so you can effortlessly detach your masterpieces and turn them into meaningful gifts or decor that warm the heart.


We use the highest quality 65lbs (175gsm) acid-free paper that will last for years to come. Our 8.5"x11.5'' bright white and thick paper is ideal for colored pencils, art markers, pastels, gel pens, glitter gel pens, watercolor brush pens, and more.

ColorIt Colorful Patterns, Volume II Adult Coloring Book Bonus Ink Blotter
ColorIt Colorful Patterns, Volume II Adult Coloring Book Hand Drawn Designs
ColorIt Colorful Patterns, Volume II Adult Coloring Book Spiral Binding


No need to worry about your art markers bleeding through to the next page with our adult coloring books. Simply tear out the complimentary ink blotter page and place it under the artwork you are coloring.


Terbit Basuki takes you on a meditative journey through the wonders of nature and the healing powers of art with a charming 50-page collection of original and hand-drawn illustrations on flourishing greens, fluttering wings, and fascinating beings.


Our Colorful Patterns, Volume II coloring book for adults has a spiral binding along the top so both left and right-handed colorists get to enjoy an effortless flip-through and coloring experience.

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