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About Us - The Story of ColorIt 


When it comes to the creation of ColorIt, we have to look back to 1945. This was the year Grandpa Joe returned from The War and began working in the Philadelphia Shipyard. It was here that he met a strikingly gorgeous woman, we now know as GG (Great Grandma), and fell in love.

Back in 1946 when Grandpa Joe got married, it’s safe to say that coloring books were not on his radar. We even doubt that he could have foreseen his two future grandchildren coming together to start a company 7 decades later, but that’s exactly what happened.

In the spring of 2015 when Co-Founder, Erika Befumo, was coloring with her daughter, she was completely underwhelmed with the quality of coloring products on the market, but also noticed there was room for improvement. How many times in life have you seen, or even bought a product and thought to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?" Well, that's exactly how ColorIt was born.

Erika enlisted the help of her cousin Michael and his wife Michele. Of course, Erika's husband, Andrew, came along for the ride and from here, a true family business was born.

Since the beginning, our vision has been to create the highest quality coloring books on the market.  We noticed a few important features missing from the most adult coloring books such as: hardback covers, spiral binding with a lay flat design, and artist quality paper. Being able to add all of these missing features into our coloring books was our goal, but we also wanted to maintain affordable prices.  

To accomplish our mission, we began by first conducting countless hours of research. While reading customer reviews of other coloring books, we paid close attention to the challenges each of these books was facing. We then brainstormed different ways to address these concerns in order to develop the best coloring book on the market.

Some special features in our books that are a direct result of our research are:

  • Top binding, which makes it easy for a right-handed or left-handed colorists to enjoy their coloring experience without navigating around a center binding.
  • 120 pound acid-free paper that prevents bleeding from thick magic markers, with the exception of the rarest cases
  • A complimentary blotter, which is included in all of our books to account for rare cases when a marker does bleed through.

Our goal is simple: If you don't say "WOW!" the moment you pick up your book, we didn't do our job.

Since then, we have developed a line of high end colored pencils, gel pens, and dual tip alcohol markers.

Like you, we have a deep admiration for art and we are overjoyed to be able to share our appreciation the best way we know how. That is to deliver the highest quality coloring books on the market!

ColorIt Family Tree

ColorIt Family Tree


ColorIt is a small family-run business comprised of 4 passionate individuals who happen to be cousins, husbands, wives, moms, and dads. We came together to make the highest quality coloring products in order to share them with other coloring enthusiasts. Our situation is very unique since we all share the same passion, but have wonderfully different skill sets that all complement each other.

Erika, the original brainchild behind ColorIt, was obsessed with coloring as a child, and now that she has kids of her own, she has found herself coloring again. When Erika first started coloring with her children, she realized that as an adult she needed more challenging books of a higher quality. That's when the idea for ColorIt was born and she enlisted her family members to team up and create an amazing brand.

Michele, the other creative mind behind ColorIt, focuses on graphics, design, and product development.

Andrew, our marketing guru, is the guy behind most of our advertising and partnerships.  

Michael, the tech guru behind, is responsible for maintaining our outstanding shipping standards and ensuring our amazing products go out the same day if ordered by 2pm PST.

Thank you for reading the story behind ColorIt. We look forward to adding you to our wonderful ColorIt Community.  

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