Reimagine art your way!

Modern Art was born from the constant desire to inspire, challenge, and innovate.

Capture the creativity of ground-breaking artists with ColorIt’s Modern Art. Illustrated by Terbit Basuki, this adult coloring book features 50 unique drawings inspired by famous painters, such as Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, and more.

Perfect for art enthusiasts and advanced colorists, this coloring book for adults lets you reimagine art and color it the way you want it.

From impressionism and surrealism to de stijl and pop art, discover the wonderful world of Modern Art with ColorIt. Take your coloring to the next level and free your creativity.

Modern Art coloring book for adults comes with ColorIt’s signature features such as:

  • 50 fascinating modern art coloring pages for adults. Ideal for art lovers and advanced colorists
  • Hardback book covers for page protection and a sturdy surface for easy coloring
  • Top spiral binding for quick flip-through and lay flat pages ideal for both right and left-handed colorists
  • Smooth, acid-free, and artist-quality paper in 175 gsm designed to not bleed through
  • Perforated paper for easy removal of pages to frame, craft, or gift
  • Bonus ink blotter paper to prevent excess ink bleed-through from gel pens, glitter gel pens, colored pencils, art markers, watercolor brush pens, and other mediums

Show us your style! Create your own masterpieces by coloring outside the lines.

What sets our Modern Art Adult Coloring Books apart from the rest?

​ ​​ ​​​ ​​​
ColorIt Modern Art Coloring Books for Adults with Hardback Book Covers


All our adult coloring books come with hardback covers to protect your artwork and make it easier to color on the go. With our thick hardback book covers, you can easily color on the train, bus, or plane.


Stop fighting to keep your adult coloring book flat while you color. With our top double wire spiral binding, you can flip through these modern art coloring pages and pick the design you want to color.

ColorIt Modern Art Coloring Book for Adults with Top Spiral Binding


Reimagine art your way! Illustrated by Terbit Basuki, Modern Art coloring book for adults features 50 unique drawings that capture the creativity and style of well-known works of art.


We use the highest quality paper that is 65lbs (175gsm), acid-free, and will last for years to come. Our 8.5"x11.5" bright white and thick paper is ideal for colored pencils, art markers, pastels, gel pens, glitter gel pens and more. Our signature paper even performs well with watercolor brush pens, but be sure not to oversaturate the paper.

ColorIt Modern Art Coloring Book for Adults with Perforated Pages


All the pages in our Modern Art coloring book for adults are perforated along the top. Want to take one of your masterpieces out and frame it or give it to a friend? No problem.


No need to worry about your art markers bleeding through to the next page with our adult coloring books. Simply tear out the complimentary ink blotter page and place it under the artwork you are coloring.

ColorIt Modern Art Coloring Book for Adults with Bonus Blotter Page

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