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ColorIt's June Fan of the Month

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Lisa Lubrano Interview

The ColorIt community is a unique bunch. We typically interact with fans through the coloring submissions we receive on social media. This is how we met Lisa Lubrano. We started noticing the most beautiful designs on our Facebook and Instagram pages. We couldn’t resist reaching out to Lisa to learn more about her love of coloring.

Lisa's story is one that all colorists can relate to. She’s colored ever since she was a child and is drawn to the simplicity that comes with this fun hobby. Lisa doesn’t put much thought into creating coloring masterpieces. Instead, she goes with the flow and appreciates how coloring helps her disconnect from the everyday stresses of life.

Wild Animals Colored by Lisa Lubrano

When did you first pick up a coloring book?

My coloring journey began when I was a child. It’s something I’ve always loved to do. I hadn’t picked up a coloring book in years when a friend and myself got back into the hobby. We bought some books and markers and haven’t stopped since.

Describe your perfect coloring atmosphere.

My perfect coloring atmosphere is in my living room. I like to color while watching my DVR or listening to music.

Calming Doodles Volume 1 Colored by Lisa Lubrano

Tell us about your creative process when you get ready to color.

My creative process is simple and doesn’t involve much planning beforehand. I try not to think too much about what I’m going to do when I sit down. I choose a picture and just go with the flow. Coloring is a stress-free activity and this is how I like to keep it.

How has coloring changed or added to your life?

When I was a child coloring was something that kept me entertained. As an adult, it still serves the same purpose but has also helped me relieve stress from work. After a long day, I come home, pick up a coloring book, and relax by focusing on what’s in front of me. On the weekends, coloring keeps my head clear of worries and helps me unwind before the work week.

Mandalas To Color Volume 1 Colored by Lisa Lubrano

What advice would you give someone who isn’t confident about their coloring technique?

You really don't need to put a lot of thought process into coloring. The pictures just come to life as you color no matter what you use be it markers, gel pens, or pencils. The most important thing is that you use your imagination and choose whatever colors you like. Your designs don’t always have to be the color they’re “supposed to be.”

What’s your favorite ColorIt book? What title would you like to see in the future?

My favorite Colorit book is Mandalas To Color because of all the different designs. I love using gel pens in the small areas and seeing the shimmery effect from the glitter. In the future, I hope to see a sea creature or garden-themed book.


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  • Do you have coloring books that have less designs, so you can be more creative on your own, but could also compare to another picture to see what you could have done.
    Alicia Leiter on
  • I love my books. Keep them coming.

    Diane Cole on

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