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“Flowers for you.”Unknown
Aren’t flowers just lovely? August must have been a time of great beauty for colorists like you. We’re here to announce the winners of our August Fan of the Month contest, and yet we feel like their submissions are our prizes. 
For our August Fan of the Month challenge, we asked our ColorIt family to color in any flowers-themed ColorIt coloring page. Any page that features flowers from any of our coloring books is welcome
At the end of the month, the ColorIt team will choose three (3) submissions based on the set criteria and three (3) more random picks to keep things fun.
 The 6 talented winners will then receive a $25 gift card from ColorIt. You can even double your prize amount if you color the page using any of our coloring mediums.
 Excited to know who made it to our list this month? Get to know our Fan of the Month winners with our exclusive interviews below:


 When did you first pick up a coloring book?

I remember a coloring book I had when I was about four years old, but a photo album / scrap book that my parents kept over my first two years has a coloring book page covered in colored scribbles (the majority of them are outside the lines.) Growing up I always needed a new box of crayons, not that I got them very often. In various ways, color and coloring has always been part of my life. After I retired several years ago, I’ve had more free time to enjoy the world of adult coloring. I have far too many coloring book, too many colored pencils, too many gel pen, too many markers, and I every minute I get to spend using them is a joy.

Describe your perfect coloring atmosphere.

I have a small wheeled desk with a good light next to a window that looks across a grassy area to a small wooded area. Supplies and book are stored on some shelves nearby. It is often quiet there, sometime the TV is on, but if I’m coloring I completely lose track of it.

Tell us about your creative process when you get ready to color.

I usually spend time “browsing” to find “the one,” but I’m not into much advance planning for coloring. In some cases, I decide on the colors for the main character or objects featured in the drawing. The drawing style often dictates whether I go for realistic colors or not. Often I just start and discover the colors as I go.

How has coloring changed or added to your life?

By profession I’m a scientist, however I’ve always done some art or craft things involving colors. Over the past few years, coloring has been my major form of relaxation and stress relief. Colored pencils are my favorite medium, but the beautiful work I see others share in the ColorIt Facebook group has inspired me to try other media and techniques.

What advice would you give someone who isn’t confident about their coloring technique?

Coloring doesn’t have a wrong way! The only mistake is to not start. Start and then just enjoy it. Coloring is an experience of expressing yourself. You don’t have to show it to anyone else. What at first seems to be a mistake often turns out well.

What’s your favorite ColorIt book?

“The Colorful World of STEAMPUNK” is my favorite ColorIt book. It is the first ColorIt book I purchased and I have finished about half of the pages. I like the mixture of reality with fantasy and the details of the drawings.

What title would you like to see in the future?

I think a collection of drawing of antique would be fun to color. It might include anything from household objects and gadgets to woodworking tools and machinery.

Is there anything else you want to share about your love of coloring?

Coloring is a terrific activity. If you haven’t tried coloring as an adult, now is the time. Coloring has no rules and others who color will always answer your questions and encourage your efforts.


 When did you first pick up a coloring book?

I don't remember exactly when I picked up my first coloring book. I have been coloring for as long as I can remember. But I think the first coloring book I remember using as relaxing therapy as an adult was a Disney Princess book, about 14 years ago.

Describe your perfect coloring atmosphere.

My perfect coloring atmosphere is in my bed, with my markers on either side of me, a drink on my nightstand, one of my favorite movies playing, my lap desk in position and my current page ready to be colored.

Tell us about your creative process when you get ready to color.\

My creative process for when I get ready to color isn't so much out of need to create, but more of need for stress relief. 😆 I usually get my supplies together and then close my eyes for a few moments and try to find a calming place. Then I choose the picture that will be most relaxing for me, and colors that I'm particularly drawn to, such as greens or purples.

How has coloring changed or added to your life?

Coloring has added to my life in a couple of ways. As I mentioned before, it's a stress relieving therapy for me, but it is also a way to bond with my sisters and my nieces. We all have a love for coloring and we share our creations with each other and sometimes have contests amongst ourselves.

What advice would you give someone who isn't confident about their coloring technique?

My advice for someone who isn't confident in their coloring technique would be to start small. Find a less detailed drawing and pick a few colors to start with. I would also suggest to find a favorite medium right away. Get comfortable with it. Test every color, then mixing colors etc. When you know how your markers or pencils, etc. work, it's easier to know what you want to create.

What's your favorite ColorIt book?

My favorite Color-it book is the Best Of Color-it. I love having a little bit of everything in one place.

What title would you like to see in the future?

I would love a Halloween themed book. I love Halloween and would always draw Haunted Houses as a kid.

Is there anything else you want to share about your love of coloring?

I love coloring and wish I made more time to do it!!









Thank you for submitting your entries. Til the next Fan of the Month! 🦋

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