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Colorful Expressions Is Almost Here!

Posted by Audrey Eytchison on

We know you have been on Pins and Needles and now the wait is almost over! Colorful Expressions will be available for pre-order Thursday April 27th!

Our newest coloring book is sure to be The Apple Of Your Eye! Colorful Expressions, which will be available for pre-order Thursday April 27th, will feature 50 original hand drawn designs that are based off well-known English Idioms. Not only are you able to color each unique drawing, but you get to Take A Stab at guessing which idiom each coloring page is modeled after!

About Colorful Expressions

We wanted to create a fun and unique coloring experience for our colorists, which is why we came up with Colorful Expressions. With this coloring book, you have the same high quality designs, but with the added feature of being able to guess which expression each page is! Even our ColorIt staff members are stumped trying to figure out all 50 idioms! This book also has a variety of styles, from mandalas, scenes, intricate designs and so much more!

Colorful Expressions was illustrated by Terbit Basuki, who has drawn some of our most popular coloring books such as Mythical & Fantasy, Wild Animals and both Mandala books. As always, this coloring book has hardback covers, a top spiral binding which can lay perfectly flat while coloring, and amazing artist quality Colorit paper with perforated pages to tear out and frame or share.

Check Out all 50 of Terbit’s original coloring pages in this flip through video below of Colorful Expressions!


Download These FREE Pages!

 We have pre-released three spectacular drawings from Colorful Expressions to hold you over in the meantime! Let us know your guesses for which expression each page is modeled after in the comments below! Download all three today by clicking the pictures below:

Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! We love seeing all your amazing work, so be sure to post your finished coloring pages with #mycolorit. You can also upload your drawings to our community gallery...maybe your picture will be the next one featured on our page!

Pre-order for Colorful Expressions THURSDAY APRIL 27

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  • Just received the new book..Colors of Nature & excited to get started….

    Marianne Harris on
  • I love the look of this new coloring book. I remember downloading the elephant from a free download on a Friday freebie. Thank you Colorit for all your company does. Your awesome. ❤️

    Sally Myers on
  • 1. Elephant in the room or Elephant in a room; 2. Horsing around or Horse of a different color; 3. Hold your horses.
    I love the idea of this book. I hope at some time in the future you have a contest for the correct slogan (idiom) each page brings to mind. First place could be 50 or most correct wins ? , 2nd place 45 correct wins ? and 3rd place 40 correct wins ??? . Hope one of the winners is me because any gift from colorit is great!!

    Joan McAteer on
  • I love your mandala books, any chance will a third one be coming out any time soon?

    June D. on
  • Just saw your new coloring book, and I really like it! The quality of your books, pencils and gel pens are great, nothing that you would see in the stores! Looking forward to your new book! Hint for the future, a Christmas book would be great!!

    Barbara on

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