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July Fan of the Month Winners

Posted by Audrey Eytchison on

Each month, our judges Erika, AJ, and Audrey select 3 winning submissions based on very specific judging criteria. This is a very tough process since the talent within the ColorIt Community is beyond impressive! We are always so excited to see the submissions come rolling in each month. We want to reward all of our colorists, which is why we also select 3 submissions at random! Each winner receives a $25 ColorIt gift card, but this month we had contestants DOUBLE their prize by having their ColorIt Colored Pencils, Markers, or Gel Pens in their submission photo. Read on to see exclusive ColorIt interviews with some of July's winners, their winning pages, and more!

  1. When did you first pick up a coloring book?

July 2016

  1. Describe your perfect coloring atmosphere.

Sitting at my work table listening to talk radio or television in my craft nook.

  1. Tell us about your creative process when you get ready to color.

My creative process begins with a color palette. I study the illustration that I'm going to color and decide what color palette would best compliment the overall illustration. I primarily color with colored pencils, so then I determine which pencils are better suited for the type of paper in the book, then proceed to color each element with a light layer of those colors. When that is done, I then choose darker shade of each of those colors to begin shading where shadows fall and so forth. In this particular contest illustration, I opted to use my Copic Sketch Markers which are alcohol-based and best suited for the Colorit books' paper.

  1. How has coloring changed or added to your life?

I have always enjoyed paper crafting such as scrapbooking, cardmaking and served on a few rubber stamps design teams, so when I discovered coloring, it was a new adventure and one that I thoroughly enjoyed from the beginning. Coloring for me is twofold: 1. Coloring is something I do daily for physical therapy for my arthritic hands. I have chronic debilitating arthritis in my fingers and coloring daily has really loosened them up and made them more flexible. 2. Coloring gives me another outlet to express my creativity. I find it a very relaxing and enjoyable hobby and somewhat addictive.

Blissful Scenes

This coloring page is from the Blissful Scenes coloring book and was selected by Audrey! I chose this page mainly because it looked so realistic, from the sun's reflection on the water to the shading in the lighthouse and flowers. I love the detailing and advanced coloring technique throughout the entire page! Great job, Linda! (Click picture to enlarge!)

  1. What advice would you give someone who isn’t confident about their coloring technique?

What I found to be extremely helpful when I first started coloring, was to watch video tutorials of other people coloring. There are a vast number of tutorials available on YouTube where you can watch and study various tips and techniques of coloring. I also study the finished colored illustrations that others have done in a few Facebook coloring groups and I try to adopt and apply those tips and techniques that I see. And the last thing that I would say to beginners is take your time, enjoy what you're doing, express yourself and remember that your coloring is exactly that - your coloring. Someone wise once said "comparison is the root of all discontent." So, it's very wise not to compare your work with others...we are all a work in progress and the main thing is to keep the main thing - which is enjoy the process.

  1. What’s your favorite ColorIt book? What title would you like to see in the future?

I only own one Colorit Book and it is "Blissful Scenes." I would like to see more landscapes of quaint countrysides, villages and such.

  1. Is there anything else you want to share about your love of coloring?

Just that I enjoy the various Facebook Coloring Groups where you can connect with others who love to color, learn tips & techniques, gain encouragement to stretch yourself and learn about new products.

1.When did you first pick up a coloring book?

I began my adult coloring journey as a serious hobby and collector on August 22, 2015.

2. Describe your perfect coloring atmosphere.

My perfect coloring atmosphere is being in my bed coloring while watching tv. I keep a desk setup alongside my bed with my mediums and coloring books that I use most often for easy access.

3.Tell us about your creative process when you get ready to color.

My creative process is keeping my coloring space organized and selecting my images and colors used based on my emotions at the time for realistic self expression.

Colors of the Decades

This coloring page is from our Colors of the Decades coloring book and was selected by Erika! I absolutely love the glittery gel pens that were used in this creation! It really makes the whole design pop. Beautifully done, Nicole! Fun Fact: Erika LOVES sunflowers and the color pink!

4. How has coloring changed or added to your life?

Coloring has helped me lower my anxiety some, keeps me feeling relaxed and is self rewarding to me to see my finished creations. I also feel spiritually connected to my brother's love for art. I have seen my growth artistically overtime!

5. What’s your favorite ColorIt book? What title would you like to see in the future?

My favorite ColorIt book is all of them!! I can't choose! ❤️🦋 The title that I would love to see ColorIt come out with in a future book would be an Astrology/Zodiac book depicting the signs, elements, environments and figures of each zodiac!!

6. Is there anything else you want to share about your love of coloring?

I have learned so much about art since coloring as an adult from styles to techniques and I am still learning!! Art is vast, no wonder it is a Major in college!


This coloring page is from our Colors of the Decades coloring book and was selected by AJ! AJ said the burger made it difficult to pass this coloring page up! I love the different colors in the "ColorIt" logo! So fun, Karen! Karen DOUBLED her prize by including her ColorIt Markers in her submission photo.

Check out our randomly selected winners!

This coloring page is from our Blissful Scenes coloring book! Nanette is a master at blending colors! This is one of those creations where you find some new detail each time you look at it. She took such care with this page to create a super realistic design! When I pointed out how much I loved her detail, she responded with "I often wonder if anyone notices details. I like doing that the best. Yes, browning apples...crack in egg n jar....thread hanging off towel...soot on the curtains from lamp...rub out on butter dish n so on. I play, find the hidden details in the picture, in my mind. Scary. I ask my nephews to find them!" Can you find all her details? (Click the image to enlarge) Nanette also says she really wants a Colorful Expression sequel to come out -- anyone else?! Absolutely beautiful work, Nanette!

This coloring page is from our Blissful Scenes coloring book. Gayle's submissions have been some of my favorite ColorIt creations of all time, including this page, which is why I am so glad to see she was randomly selected! My favorite thing to do, aside from coloring, is collecting and crafting with succulents and Gayle really nailed the beauty of these plants! Wonderful work, Gayle! 

This coloring page is from our Mandalas Volume 2 coloring book. I love how many colors Katie used in this mandala. I always have a hard time using multiple colors when coloring mandalas because I am worried they won't make sense together, but this mandala is spectacular! All the colors compliment each other so well! Did you know the colors you use change the meaning of the mandala? Learn more about mandalas by clicking here!

Looking for a chance to win a ColorIt gift card?!

Enter in this month's Fan of the Month contest at! Each winner receives a $25 ColorIt gift card-- double your prize by including your ColorIt Gel Pens, Markers, or Colored Pencils! Happy coloring!

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  • Linda…thank you. It’s a wonderful production of books. The book sometimes makes the Colorist! N

    Nanette on
  • Congrats to all the winners. Each colorist did a fantastic job. Very pretty the way they brought each drawing to life.
    Best wishes to all

    Linda Daniels on
  • Can we enter if we’ve won already this year? I won when it was $10.00 and not doubled for using and showing your coloring implements.

    JoyceHanson on

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