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6 Best Pencil Cases to Help You Get Organized

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ColorIt EVA carrying case

- Durable, water-resistant shell

- Multiple compartments

- Large capacity

- Spacious

- Multi-functional

- Comes with a handle

- A bit bulky

BTSKY pencil case

- Large capacity

- Comes in many colors

- Outside fabric feels sturdy

- Two detachable pen sleeves


-Poor stitching

- A bit bulky

- Elastic loops are too tight; suitable only for thin pencils

LIHIT LAB pencil case

-Small and compact

-Nylon cover is easy to clean


-Best for everyday use

-Doesn’t hold items securely

-Limited capacity

-More suitable for thin, flat items

CreooGo Canvas Pencil Roll Pouch Case

-Material is thick

-Canvas is washable

-Stitching is well done

-Pencils are easy to slide in and out of the elastic

-Has a tip-protection flap

- Smells of chemical

Derwent pencil case

-Slots hold pencils snugly

-Small and lightweight

-Has a tip-protection flap

-Slots poorly sewn

-Snap latch doesn’t seem sturdy

-Leather cover looks more like plastic

DELDE pen case


-Perfect for your craft or office desk


-Sturdy canvas fabric


-Limited capacity



If you’re an artist, student, or working professional who’s got quite a collection of sassy stationery items, you’d know that pencil cases are an absolute must-have.

Not only do they hold all your pencils and other supplies together and make them easily accessible; they also keep clutter at bay. Dare we say, pencil cases are the unsung heroes of every stationery lover’s creative arsenal.

And if you’re looking for a trusty pencil holder to store your collection, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we take a look at 6 of the best pencil cases that will help you get your supplies organized, whether you’re an artist on-the-go, a star student, or the office supply-obsessed.

Choosing the Right Pencil Case

There are literally tens of thousands of pencil cases and stationery storage options available today! So how do you find the best case for your needs? Not to worry--we’ll walk you through the top things you need to consider before you go pencil case shopping.


Obviously, you want to make sure that your pouch has enough room to hold whatever sized set of colored pens or pencils that you have. There’s a huge range of capacity sizes available. You can buy a small case perfect for just a few pencils, or go for high-capacity stationery bags intended to protect several sets at once.


You’ll also have to consider the size of your pencil holder, especially if you’ll be traveling or need to work on-the-go. The best pencil cases for travel is one that will be able to hold all your essentials, and at the same time won't take up much space in your purse or backpack.


Also, consider the protective features of the pencil holder you’re looking to buy. Will it be able to protect your pencils from breakage? Will your gel pens survive in case you accidentally drop or step on the case? If you’ll be transporting your precious collection, it’s a must to choose a storage option that has thick walls or extra padding to protect your supplies. 


Pencil cases come in all styles and shapes. There’s the flip book style case, which is typically deep and high capacity. The classic zippered pouch that offers quick and easy storage, but lacks in categorization. There are also roll-up pencil wraps that keep all your art and writing tools accessible and, well, roll well into a neat little bundle. Or you can go for a convertible pencil case that turns from a pouch into a pencil cup holder.


Some extra features that may prove useful are storage for your other accessories such as erasers and sharpeners, pockets for your cards and notes, water-resistant fabrics, and bag handles.

So now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dive right into the reviews.

6 Best Pencil Cases to Help You Get Organized

ColorIt EVA Carrying Case

colorit eva carrying case

Material: Semi-hard EVA shell with premium nylon
Type: Flip Book
Capacity: Over 100 pens and pencils
Best for: Artists/Students/Working Professionals

Our Review:

If you’re looking for a pencil case that’s spacious and solidly constructed to house all your stationery essentials, then the ColorIt EVA carrying case is your best pick!

We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet, but this one-of-a-kind multi-functional case looks and feels premium. It features a custom molded semi-hard EVA foam shell, which means it offers much better protection than most other portable cases on the market.

You can store your most valuable pencils and other supplies inside and not worry about them getting crushed in case you accidentally drop the bag.

Available in black, blue, and pink, the ColorIt EVA carrying case isn’t just meant to hold pencils, pens, or writing utensils--although it does have an impressive over-100 colored pencil capacity. There is room for your daily carries, such as erasers, sharpeners, rulers, or a small notepad.

With a zippered pocket, a center flap with a wide elastic band, and an interior mesh pocket, this is a versatile product that can also double as a toiletry tote, make-up bag, and even a travel case for small electronics and school and office supplies.

Perhaps the only issue we see is that the EVA carrying case can be a tad bulky. It’s not the type of pencil case that you can easily toss in a purse or backpack. But if your priority is protection for your tools over portability, then this shouldn’t be a problem.

Our Verdict:

With its large capacity, quality construction, and versatility, the ColorIt EVA carrying case is a solid choice for anyone looking for a sturdy, spacious, and multi-functional pencil case. Open it up and all of your supplies will be easily accessible--a huge plus for when inspiration strikes.

BTSKY Pencil Case

btsky pencil case

Material: Oxford
Type: Flip Book
Capacity: 72 pens and pencils
Best for: Artists/Students

Our Review:

If you like to carry a lot of pencils everywhere with you or if you simply want to get your ducks in a row, then check out BTSKY High Capacity pencil case. This bag holds up to 72 pencils, making it perfect for artists or star students with a sizeable pen or pencil collection.

Like the ColorIt EVA carrying case, this product sports a flipbook style. But compared to the former, it has a softer shell and the material isn’t as water-resistant.

This stationery bag features a zipper pocket for your stationery goodies, two small pockets to store notes or business cards, and 6 compartmentalized sleeves on three double-sided flaps. Each side contains 12 elastic slots for pens and pencils.

What we like most about this bag is that two of its flaps are detachable. So if you don’t need to carry a lot of pens and want more room for other items, then you can just easily remove them. You can slip inside a small notebook, tape, glue, scissors, and other stationery essentials.

Quality-wise, we’re not quite sure if this case can handle rough use. The stitching appears sloppy--we even found some loose threads on the flaps and the bag itself! We’re pretty sure it won’t quickly fall apart, but opening the package to see some frayed parts can be a turn-off.

We also found the individual slots to be a bit too tight to fit all 12 pens as it promises. We think it’s meant to hold writing or art tools with a slimmer barrel. Sure, you can still insert chunkier pens or markers, but you may have to skip a slot or two to fit them in comfortably.

Our Verdict:

Overall, BTSKY pencil case is a good option if you own multiple sets of pens or pencils and need to carry them on a regular basis. It’s soft and lightweight, high capacity, and versatile. Some issues like poor stitching and tight elastic slots are inconvenient but bearable.

LIHIT Lab Pencil Case

lihit lab pencil case

Material: Nylon cover
Type: Flip Book
Capacity: 12 to 14 pens
Best for: Students/Working professionals

Our Review:

The LIHIT LAB pencil case is a portable and practical pouch that suits students or working professionals.

It has several compartments that include two non-stretch pen straps, mesh pockets, and a small exterior pocket to store notes or cards. The mesh pockets are designed to hold mostly thin, flat things like stickers or paper clips.

With its black polyester exteriors and brown interiors, this pen case isn’t exactly eye candy. Still, we love it because it’s incredibly useful and compact. Its flattish design allows you to easily slip it into a messenger bag, briefcase, or any flat-carry bags.

The case itself isn’t stretchy, but you’d be happy to know that it can fit long and tall writing instruments like Tombow brush pens. You also won’t be able to store a lot of items in this case (for this review, we got the standard case which fits 12-14 pencils), which makes it perfect for individuals who are only looking to carry a couple of trusty office supplies yet still want organization.

Of course, if you want this type of pencil case but desire more storage, you can explore LIHIT Lab’s other products: Double (which holds up to 25 pens), and Triple (which holds up to 40 pens).

Our Verdict:

Simple and functional, we think this LIHIT Lab pouch is the best pencil case for students or working professionals.

CreeoGo Canvas Pencil Roll Pouch Case

creeogo roll-up pencil wrap

Material: Canvas
Type: Roll-up
Capacity: 48 pens
Best for: Artists/students

Our Review:

If you want your pen or pencil collection to be immediately visible and accessible to you, then we suggest choosing pencil roll-up wraps like this one from CreeoGo.

We like this roll-up wrap for a number of reasons. First, the wrap is cute and artsy. It’s made from canvas, which means it’s durable and washable. The tassels were sewn in strong, and the stitching and fabric overall is quite good.

The case features 48 elastic slots and offers a bit of room for extras like an eraser or sharpener. We love that it comes with a pocket at the bottom to protect the tips or pencil lead. Regular pens and pencils fit the slots well; unfortunately, it’s tough to slip in a marker or two.

If you want to downsize your tools, you can opt for CreeoGo’s 36-pen capacity pouch. The brand also offers a 72-pen capacity wrap if you want to carry your collection in one go.

What we don’t like about this pencil case, though, is that it can get thick and bulky when you fill all the pencil slots, making it hard to carry in a small purse or backpack. It also doesn’t offer the same level of protection as the other cases on this list due to its soft canvas fabric.

Our Verdict:

Overall, the CreeoGo canvas pencil roll pouch is a good choice if you want all your pens in front of you. It’s durable and lightweight, and offers ample space for all your colorful tools; it’s cute and artsy design is also a plus.

Derwent Pencil Case

derwent roll-up pencil wrap

Material: Canvas
Type: Roll-up
Capacity: 30 pens
Best for: Artists/students

Our Review:

Similar to CreeoGo canvas pencil wrap, the Derwent pencil case is another roll-up pencil holder. This style makes it easy for you to spot exactly what you need.

Lightweight and portable, this pencil wrap has slots for up to 30 tools. But if that isn’t enough to store your collection, Derwent also offers large capacity pencil holders that can fit up to 68 or 132 pens.

We love its sturdy canvas material and dark brown faux leather flap that protects the supplies inside. These features make the wrap very artisanal. Pop it in a bag, purse or carry on and you're all set!

But what we don’t love, though, is the stitching of the elastic slots as well as the snap latch. The elastic bands are poorly sewn; we found a number of loose threads. The lock also doesn’t feel sturdy at all.

Our Verdict:

Derwent roll-up pencil case is suitable for anyone who loves sketching and coloring on the go. It makes one’s pen or pencil collection accessible and easy-to-carry. But we think this pencil still needs some improvement quality-wise.

Delde Pen Case

delde pencil case

Material: Canvas
Type: Convertible Pouch/Cup
Capacity: 35 pens
Best for: Crafters/students

Our Review:

Pencil cases aren’t simply for storing your art and writing essentials. You can also use it to express your personality! And this slide-and-stand pencil holder from Delde is a great way to show your charming and unique side.

Available in a variety of adorable and patterns and colors, Delde pen case is a convertible pencil holder that can store up to 35 pencils, with some room to spare. We like that this product is relatively small and is easy to stash in your bag--but don’t let its size fool you! Despite its small footprint, it manages to keep everything decently visible.

To transform this case from a pouch to a stand, simply unzip it, hold the knob on the side, and pull it down. This gives you easier access to all your stationery goodies. It also sits flat and doesn't topple over!

Students and crafters with limited desk space will definitely appreciate Delde’s cute and functional design. It’s also perfect for traveling.

Perhaps our only gripe with this pencil holder is that it isn't deep enough to hold long and tall art tools such as Blackwings and dual brush pens.

Our Verdict:

This charming pencil holder is a great pick for students or crafters! Not only does it look cute, but it also has enough room for a number of writing tools, cosmetics, and other trinkets.

Final Thoughts

best pencil cases

From sturdy flip book style cases to soft roll up and convertible pouches, these are some of the best pencil cases that suit every style and need.

If you’re looking to stay organized and creative on-the-go, you can’t go wrong with the ColorIt EVA carrying case. It’s spacious and solidly constructed, making your creative arsenal easily accessible and secure.

The BTSKY pencil case is also a smart option if you have a sizeable pencil collection with its 72-pencil capacity.

For working professionals, the LIHIT LAB pen case is a good pick because it’s practical and portable.

The Derwent and CreeoGo roll-up pencil holders, meanwhile, are perfect for carrying your pen collection to art class.

Lastly, the Delde pen case is a good pick for students or working professionals who want to keep their trusty supplies secure and organized, whether on their desk or on-the-go.

What kind of pencil case do you prefer? And what stationery essentials do you usually carry around? Tell us in the comments below!


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