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Things to eat while you are coloring

Posted by Andrew Befumo on

I have two questions for you. No need to think long and hard but do give it a little bit of thought.

First, have you ever seen anyone not happy when they are eating?
If your answer to this question was yes, you haven't seen a lot of five-year-old little girls at ice cream parlors in your life.
Next question, have you ever seen anyone not happy when they are coloring?
I'll make this easy for you, of course you haven't! Who couldn't be happy adding more brightness to the world?
So, what have we learned? It's quite simple, coloring makes people happy and eating makes people happy. Kind of sounds like a perfect match, don't you think?
I know I like to color and I like to eat. So, I thought it would be a good idea to write about some of the things I like to eat while I am coloring.
Now, there are a few criteria that make a certain food ideal for coloring. First, you must be able to eat with one hand. We all know one hand will be very busy with your favorite marker or colored pencil. You must have food that is easily accessible and able to be enjoyed with the use of your other hand.
Next, you need a food that does not make a lot of noise. You don't want the crunching and chomping of let's say a crisp apple or a bag of Doritos disturbing your peaceful coloring time. Cap'n Crunch cereal is definitely out!
Finally, you want something of just the right consistency. Too hard or too soft are both a distraction for their own reasons. You want something you can chew on comfortably and will go down easy.
So, let's get to some of my favorites!
I will start with the obvious, chocolate. As I described above as far as consistency, chocolate is right on the money. Of course, the sweetness adds just the right amount of extra happiness. I personally am a fan of milk chocolate. If you are more of a dark chocolate person, don't let me stop you. It's still chocolate!
For the nights you may be a little more concerned with your waistline I might suggest some fresh grapes. Whether red or green, they are easy to grab hold of and pop in your mouth one at a time. Grapes have just the right amount of crunch that will keep you satisfied with consistency but not disturb your tranquil setting. I believe sweetness leads to happiness and these sweet little round fruits are definitely filled with sweetness.
While we're on the topic of fruit, how about some fresh sliced peaches with your favorite whipped topping. You're getting hungry aren't you? Yes, this particular snack may take a little extra effort but the celebration going on in your mouth will be well worth it!
I simply can't forget to add fresh baked chocolate chip cookies to this list. Not only are they an excellent companion to any coloring experience but they will make your coloring area smell like your favorite bakery. Talk about happiness!
Finally, how could I end this list with anything but ice cream. I scream, you scream, yeah yeah yeah, you get it. Now, of course you are not going to be able to pull up a bowl and a spoon but your favorite ice cream cookie sandwich or chocolate covered treat will work nicely. It's the perfect soothing sensation for your coloring enjoyment!
So, what are you waiting for?
Get your favorite snack, grab your colored pencils and FREE YOUR CREATIVITY!

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