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Everyone has a story, here is ours...

Posted by Andrew Befumo on

Have you ever thought of something so simple you scratch your head wondering why it doesn't exist?

For instance, why is cereal not in Ziploc bags? We rip open the box and pull apart the flimsy plastic bag. Then, we roll, tape or clip the plastic bag until the cereal is finished. Wouldn't our lives be better if all we had to do was seal a Ziploc bag to keep our cereal fresh?
Here's another one. Why is the lever to flush a toilet not a foot petal? If you're like me, you must cringe every time you have to touch the lever at your local gas station or convenience store. Wouldn't we all have more peace of mind just stepping on the lever with our foot, washing up and going about our day?
Well, not too long ago we had a similar revelation. While coloring, we noticed we were spending more time fighting to keep the center binder open than enjoying our coloring experience. This made us think, wouldn't it be a lot better if there was a spiral binding at the top of the coloring book? A binding that would be ideal for either a right-handed or left-handed colorist? Rather then turning the page and holding it open you could simply flip it over and lay your book down flat. Sounds like a good idea, right?
While we don't have the ability or resources to put all the cereal in the world in Ziploc bags or re-create the toilet to flush with your foot we started to believe we had all we needed to improve the coloring book.
As we continued to research ways to make our coloring book better we read a big problem in other books was markers bleeding to the next page. It's a real bummer to lose a  page of your coloring book from marker bleeding, don't you think? Now, we didn't want to just go popping card stock in our books. Remember, our vision was to make your coloring experience more enjoyable. So, our team searched and searched until we found the thickest, acid-free paper that would work with our books. In addition to our paper's thickness, there is also a very light gloss that makes colored pencils and markers glide very smoothly.
To go a step further, we include a bonus blotter with all of our books for those rare occasions where the strongest of markers may find the slightest way through to the next page. We recommend you use this blotter each and every time you color a new design. You may as well put it to good use!
Finally, what is any coloring book without captivating artwork? Our artists are among the finest in the world. Our bold lines and precision drawings make it a joy to color for any colorist. Like us, we are sure you will be in awe of what they have created with their amazing talent!
We put all we had into designing a game changing coloring book. We are very proud of what we created and the encouraging reviews we have received!
More importantly, we are overjoyed that colorist everywhere are getting the most of their coloring experience with our books. After all, that's what it's all about.
You see, we read what colorist like you wanted in a coloring book and created the highest quality coloring book on the market. So, we all all kind of created ColorIt together!
Now, all that's left to do is grab your coloring books and FREE YOUR CREATIVITY!

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