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ColorIt Monthly Staff Picks - February

Posted by Audrey Eytchison on

Staff Picks

It’s no secret how much we love our ColorIt Community! We have thousands of people from all over the world coming together with one thing in common-- We love to color! Whether a professional or just starting out, our colorists have been submitting the most unbelievable colorings and we have to tell you… we are blown away by the talent in our community! We wanted to share with you some of the highlights from this month. You won’t want to miss this because it could be your submission we highlight!

Around the World in 50 Pages

Wow! What a breathtaking view from our Around the World in 50 Pages coloring book. The use of concentrated color makes this picture really pop off the page! It's so realistic I can feel the breeze coming off the water. Great job, DeAnna!

Mythical & Fantasy

Talk about girl power! This epic drawing is taken from our Mythical & Fantasy coloring book. What I love most about this warrior princess is the different colored feathers throughout her wings. Very creative, Pam!

Mandalas Volume 2

This is one of my favorite mandala designs straight out of our Mandalas Volume 2 coloring book. The vibrant color scheme throughout this mandala creates such a unique look! Love the coloring technique, Diane!

I absolutely adore these toucans and their funky colors in this drawing from our Blissful Scenes coloring book. The ombré coloring technique on the leaves and flowers create such a dynamic picture! Keep it up, Chris!

Mandalas Volume 2

 This intricate mandala is one of those coloring pages you can get lost in for hours! The colors and design are mind blowing in this picture taken from our Mandalas Volume 2 coloring book. You can really see the attention to detail taken throughout this coloring. Very impressive, Debbie!

Have coloring submissions you want to share?

SEND THEM OUR WAY! We love seeing each and every page you color! You can share them with us on social media by tagging #mycolorit on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

You can also upload your submissions to our community gallery. Make sure you tune in to see if your drawing is selected for next month!



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  • I came across ColorIt searching adult coloring books. I ordered Calming Doodles and the Mythical book. With just recovering from eye surgery, my vision was blurry from the medication. I has to put them on hold. I also ordered a set of gel pens for my daughter in law, along with Traveling (Doodles? Sorry if that’s the wrong second word!) With 2 little girls and driving to/from activities, she will have a travel kit for herself! She did not color much as a child, so this is a treat for her. We have a great relationship, but we live 1000 miles away. We had a great craft day in November, fresh on my 7 yr old mind, she had to write a “story” about what she was thankful for. Proud to say, I was the only person mentioned. This was from Mia, my oldest granddaughter. She got a lot of craft supplies for Christmas, from a well known child’s art supply. Trying to find out which medium she favors, I will start her off with her first ColorIt supplies. She has a dog, who is 15, she’s up there in years, so i’m thinking the new Dog book will be best for her. I’m ordering a Dog book today for me, also. Coming out at the perfect time for my 8 week old puppy to come join our family (both retired, hubby & me) on March 12th, she’s a golden retriever, 1 girl amongst 7 brothers. Being the first caller to the breeder, we were able to have first choice for the little princess! Cadence Analiesa (AKC requires a middle name, combo of my two oldest friends! Cadence is from my military days, with her training as a service dog, we will be marching in cadence, side by side! Can’t wait to color with her snuggled next to me! Thanks ColorIt for making everything available all in one site, knowing all will work together beautifully! DS xo

    Donna SULLIVAN on
  • I can’t tell you how much I love your coloring books. I received blissful scenes, mandalas 2, and mythical creatures for Christmas and I enjoy them so much. I plan on buying the new dog book that is coming out and a set of colored pencils. I am looking forward to all the new coloring books you create and am hoping for a Christmas one this year.

    Nicolle LaBombard on
  • Dear Color it, I absolutly love your products, they are the BEST! I’m waiting til tomorrow to go to town 60 miles round trip that’s why I don’t already have it. I can’t wait to buy ColoritCom – Calming Doodles Volume 1 Illustrated By Virginia Falkinburg. I can’t wait to get it it’s so pretty what I see on TV. I’ll let you know how it goes, this will be my first ColoritCom Coloring Book and I’m So excited! All other of your products that I’ve used Ijust LOVE!!! Yes call me crazy but I’m a 62 year old great grandma that still loves to Color, blow bubbles all the fun things children miss today because of the computer. Call me old fashion but you just can’t beat it !!!!!Thank youColorit for putting out such beautiful coloring books, from looking at them, now “I get to play”. God Bless everybody there at ColoritCom and have a great day. B.J.

    BJ on

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