January Fan of the Month Contest Winner

January Fan of the Month Contest Winner

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Something a lot of our colorists have in common is that they use coloring as a way to recover from their busy schedule. The wonderful thing about art is the powerful strength of healing it has! Most people don’t know that coloring can alleviate stress and also increase mental clarity. If there’s something we all know, it’s that life gets stressful! When life gains full momentum, it’s almost impossible to unwind. When you are sitting down to color, whether it is focusing on an intricate mandala or getting lost in one of our mythical creatures pages, you are taking the time to hit the pause button on life and giving yourself the time you deserve to relax.

Our January Fan of the Month, Cynamin Owens, knows just how stressful life can get. Being a mother of two, we can only imagine how busy her schedule gets, but Cynamin puts aside time to create beautiful works of art as a way for her to decompress. Below we have the full interview where Cynamin talks about her passion for coloring and gives advice to colorists just like you! Also, keep reading to see our runner-up fans and what they won! 


Cyanmin Owens

  • When did you first pick up a coloring book?
  • I first picked up a coloring book when I was about 5 and have had a book or coloring book in my hand pretty much since.

  • Describe your perfect coloring atmosphere.
  • My perfect coloring atmosphere would have to be outside on a nice fall day.

  • Tell us about your creative process when you get ready to color.
  • I figure out my color palette by looking on the internet for similar pictures and then put aside all my colors used for that particular page until i get done.

    Around the World in 50 Pages

  • How has coloring changed or added to your life?
  • Coloring has definitely made my life less stressful. I have a small baby and a 3 year old. Its very nice to sit down and decompress at the end of the day.

  • What advice would you give someone who isn't confident about their coloring technique?
  • There is always room to improve even if you are the best artist in the world, and that no one has to be satisfied with their work but them.

    Around the World in 50 Pages

  • What's your favorite ColorIt book? I love the around the world in 50 pages. What title would you like to see in the future?
  • I would definitely like to see a horse book.

  • Is there anything else you want to share about your love of coloring?
  • I think everyone should try coloring at least once because it is such a stress reliever.

    We definitely agree, Cynamin! Everyone owes it to themselves to hit that pause button and try coloring. You may be surprised with how it could improve your life! Congratulations to Cynamin, who was the winner of our $100 gift card. Also, a huge shout out to our 5 runner-ups who also won $20 gift cards: Diane Morrow, Belinda Waters, Diane Warren, Jessica Cooker, and Audrey Bonnell! Take a look at our talented fans down below:


    Mandalas Volume 2
    Cats Coloring Book
    Calming Doodles Coloring Book
    Mandalas Volume 1

    Much like opening a brand new coloring book, the new year has blank pages waiting for us to tell a new and exciting story! Whether your plan is to try something new or to master your current skills, you can channel your New Year’s resolution into your coloring. Make sure to stay updated on our posts and look out for our newest products and contests coming to you in the future! 
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    You are all so so lucky to be able to buy theses books, Can’t get them in Australia, and too expensive to post here. I love coloring so print out different ones from the internet always have a page out to color. I like the Mandela style pages have all of yours that I could buy to print out myself.


    Awesome coloring

    Judean Owen

    Cynamin’s are so pretty!

    Diane’s cat is beautiful!

    Barbara Haynes

    Congrats Cyanmin!!! FYI my name is spelled incorrectly. I only have one “o” in my last name. lol. Thank you everyone who voted!

    Jessica Coker

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