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Holiday Gift Guide for Every Creative Type

Posted by Lisa Crocco on

ColorIt Gift Ideas Blog Post

You make your list and check it twice, yet you still have trouble figuring out what to get everyone on your holiday list. Let’s face it, buying gifts is difficult. And the holiday season can be so busy with baking, decorating, and parties, that you don't have time to shop to find the perfect gift.

We know the struggle of gift buying and giving is real, which is why we are going to help provide the best gift ideas by sharing what we would buy different creative types.

 Type 1 New Colorist

This creative type is your family member, friend or coworker who simply enjoys coloring as a hobby. They may be brand new to adult coloring books or they may have dabbled in this fun activity on and off since childhood. They are by no means an expert, but they know how to color between the lines.

We recommend gifting them with any single book. Depending on what their interests are, you can purchase one that suits them best. For example: if you know they love scenery and nature, then they will be sure to appreciate a coloring book solely dedicated to this theme.

If you are still unsure of which coloring book is the right one, we suggest reading the reviews to get a feel of what fans like and dislike about each book or bundle. This way you can confidently purchase a good option.

Even though it is not the amount you spend on a present that counts, some coloring books may be more expensive than others. Make sure you are getting a high-quality coloring book at an affordable cost. Our single books priced at only $15.99 are a bargain for the quality and detailed designs you are getting. This also means our coloring books can make a great secret Santa gift since they fall under most set budgets.

Mythical and Fantasy Adult Coloring Book

Type 2 Experienced Colorist

This creative type knows their way around the art supplies section at a craft store. They most likely have been coloring for quite some time and are open about their love for this activity. They also know coloring has many health and stress relief benefits because they actively use their coloring books as a way to unwind at the end of a long day or as a way to pass the time while traveling.

This person is also familiar with various coloring techniques and utilizes all the different mediums that coloring and art can offer them. Since you want to further their love of coloring and inspire them to only become better, we recommend gifting them with the pro bundle, which provides different mediums to use for coloring. The pro bundle comes with a coloring book, a 24 marker set, and a 48 colored pencil set. Making it the perfect gift to inspire their blending and shading techniques.

Another bundle that you may want to consider purchasing is a variety pack of different book designs. You can purchase the bundle of three fun coloring books for under $45. Our fans have noted that our beautiful coloring book bundles are the best in the business. You truly cannot go wrong gifting your experienced colorist family member or friend with any of these gift sets.

Type 3 Crafter

We all have that one friend who is constantly crafting and habitually takes to Pinterest to find her next do-it-yourself (DIY) project. They are the type of person to take something ordinary or even worn down and make a masterpiece out of it.

Since this person jumps from craft project to craft project and truly enjoys taking on new challenges while expanding their creativity, they deserve a present that helps them do so. Which is why we recommend gifting them with the essential starter pack.

The starter pack includes colored pencils and gel pens which can be used for any and all of their craft projects like card making, coloring designs, etc. As for the coloring book itself, well, the crafter can use the coloring book designs as artwork to frame, cut up, and used for cards or other creative projects. You simply have to give them the gift and allow their creativity to soar.

ColorIt Writing Journals

Type  4 Writer

The writer of your inner circle is the one who always takes notes, loves to journal, is never without their laptop, or can be found writing in the margins of their novels. The writer is the type of creative who uses their words to express their feelings, emotions, and thoughts instead of drawing or coloring.

Even though they may not be using art supplies for coloring, they can definitely use them for writing. So we recommend gifting them with journals to evoke their most creative thoughts.

Writer’s will respect our high-quality paper, where their carefully crafted words will not soak through to the other side of the page. Not only are the pages on the inside important, but the cover is key too. Our black and white journal has a cover that can be colored, which is a fun touch to help cure writer’s block.

Every writer needs the best tools to write with, which is why we recommend gel pens that come with refills and a bonus travel case. Our journals and gel pens will inspire your friend to write even more than they already do.

Writer’s tend to collect fun and funky journals to add to their collection, and ours are definitely a unique set to add to their shelves. And for only $11.99 for one journal and $29.99 for a set of 48 colored gel pens and ink refills which are already in a gift box, this makes the perfect present.

ColorIt Colored Pencil Set 48

Type 5 Illustrator

This creative type is your family member, friend, coworker, or even acquaintance who loves to draw. Whether by profession or as a side hobby, they are tattoo artists, sketch artists, cartoonists, graphic designers, or animators.

For the illustrator in your life, we recommend gifting them with sketch pads and of course colored pencils. Illustrators can be particular with their sketch pads, but lucky for you, ours are five-star rated. Our sketch pads allow the illustrator to lay them flat, write on a desk, or fold back when they are on the go.

They also come with a “belongs to” page which is the perfect place for you to add their name and include a special note before you wrap it up and gift it to them for the holidays. Such a wonderful personalized touch they will be sure to appreciate.

The Wrap Up

Holiday gift buying does not have to be a task that you dread anymore. With our fun and easy to follow gift guide for every creative type the holidays can be bright, merry, and stress-free.

You will be able to find, purchase, and give the perfect gift to everyone on your shopping list. Creative supplies can be used any time of the year which is why your loved ones will not only love your gift but use it for their creative expression.

What are some unique present ideas you are gifting the creatives in your life? Let us know in the comments!

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  • looking forward to my 12th Christmas free picture. my grandaughter is enjoying coloring the first 11 & I will make them into a “book” for her memories. thank you for introducing us to Colorit.

    Laura on

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