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Colors of the Decades Is Almost Here!

Posted by Audrey Eytchison on

Decades Coloring Book

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane... Colors of the Decades is now available for pre-order!

You read that right! Our newest coloring book showcasing all of your favorite decades is now available for pre-order! Colors of the Decades features 50 radical hand drawn designs that are sure to make anyone feel nostalgic! Whether it's a flashback to your first prom or your first smart phone, this coloring book has it all. We can't wait to see what amazing creations you submit from this book!

About Colors of the Decades

This coloring book is a total blast into the past featuring the advancements in fashion, technology and... fun! Colors of the decades time travels through the 1950's all the way to present day! We know you will fall in love with all 50 intricate hand drawn designs illustrated by Hasby Mubarok, who has also illustrated some of our best selling coloring books such as Dogs: Everyone's Best Friend and Blissful Scenes.

Our more advanced colorists will totally dig the groovy, complex patterns from the Sixties and Seventies! Just starting out? No worries! Colors of the Decades has designs for every skill level. As always, this coloring book features hardback covers, a top spiral binding which can lay perfectly flat while coloring, and professional artist quality ColorIt paper with perforated pages to tear out and frame or share.

Check out all 50 nostalgic designs in this flip-through video of the entire coloring book!


 Download These Free Pages!

We know it's hard waiting for your pre-order to arrive, so we decided to give you 3 free downloadable pages from the book to color in the meantime! Click each image to get your download today...

Free Scoot Drawing

Free Diner Drawing

Free Shoe Drawing

Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook! We love seeing all your amazing work, so be sure to post your finished coloring pages with #mycolorit. You can also upload your drawings to our community gallery...maybe your picture will be the next one featured on our page!


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  • Just ordered the free pic to color and looked at the previews. If coloring these pages is half the fun of living through each of these decades, (I’m in my 60’s) I can’t wait for the book.

    Andrea on
  • I did the 20 free pictures, but I never reveived my 20th picture. I was wondering if you could send it to me, please?

    Shiryl Nelson on
  • I tried several times to get the free download of the shoe but each time it says it is on the way but ends up only showing me a preview of your latest book and not the free drawing.

    Lorraine Weiler on
  • I can’t wait to color in this one!

    Brenda Colvin on

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